Drug of Choice – Hope

Hope. The moment you hear it, it brightens you up inside. It feels like that last candle that can light up the entire room. Hope is something that can be spread even if only one person has it at first. Hope, is what keeps us going. Every one of us has a struggle in our... Continue Reading →


Mend What is Wrong

We have heard the phrases “Size doesn't matter” and “Color doesn’t matter”, right? What they mean is that nothing on the outside matters, it is the nature on the inside that matters. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? All that glitters is not gold? Till the early to mid-twentieth century humans with a... Continue Reading →

Defining People, Being Humane.

What really defines ‘YOU’ as a person? In fact what defines a person? How would you define the various people you know? How would you define yourself? Do you describe others by how neatly or shabbily they are dressed? Or is it the way they talk, their language, their manners, their etiquettes? Is it their... Continue Reading →

What Dreams are Made of

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone asks you-what is your dream? Most people think in the academic direction. But this is not only about those. It’s about the road trips you always planned on going, those extensively planned trips to Goa or Manali, and those lifestyles you always read that... Continue Reading →

Indians and Introverts

In India, being in a joint family is one of the most common things. This is the reason why most of the people in India don’t understand introversion. Introverts are wrongly assumed as lonely, anti-social or even arrogant. They are often mistaken to being shy person in the presence of a crowd. This is not... Continue Reading →

From fairest creature we desire increase

Everyone has a special ability that they can use to help this world progress. The world is waiting for each one of you to offer what you can to it. It wants you to become better, to push your limits, to do more and to be ambitious. From fairest creature we desire increase, That thereby... Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Black Leather Boots

You see her walking down the aisle, Beautifully in a white dress, it's been a while, Her beauty seeming so amplified in white, Such romance-it brings tears at sight. Morphed into beauty yet another time, Stealing hearts, so much, it's now a crime, The distinct sound of her mesmerizing mirth, This moment does not know it's... Continue Reading →

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